college football

In the south, our priorities go about like this: God, family, country, college football. And since the first few games of the season on Thursday night, that certain electricity has been in the air. It’s an excitement charged with optimism and hope. You can almost smell it and feel the crispness of fall, even if it’s 90 degrees outside.

Today is the first college football Saturday of the season, and everyone is buzzing. Who will rise to the top of the SEC this year? Who’s overrated? Will the Florida Gators finally get that “revenge” they’ve been seeking? Will the Crimson Tide be back on top? The anticipation! The beer and wings!

So, I’ll ask you a question. If you hold season tickets to watch your favorite team, wouldn’t you like to try and see them play a game on the road?

Or have you been watching a television screen for more seasons than you care to admit? Maybe it’s been a long time since you heard the roar of the crowd in person at all.

Well, you need to go. Your team needs you there. One more cheering voice might be the mojo that catapults them to #1. Let your child get a picture taken with the mascot. Tailgate with your old best friends before the game and relive some good times. Witness a piece of your team’s history.

It’s your duty. Be the fan you were meant to be.

Contact me for hotel reservations when you’ve got your tickets lined up!