Travel is Continuing Human Education


I believe everyone should travel as much as possible. You see new things, meet new people, have new experiences, and gain a broader perspective. Find out just how beautiful this world is. See how small you are in it. Be inspired.

You don’t have to go to Nepal or climb a mountain, unless you want to. And it’s cool, if you do. I believe that education is all around us, including in amusement parks or in an old diner in a mountain town. There is always something to learn from the people and places around you.

This blog is an account of some of the places I’ve been (and some places I’d like to go), beginning with the southeastern United States, and moving beyond.

Travel and writing are two of my greatest passions. So here, I have the pleasure of joining them into one project. I’m the author of two books, A Quiet Cup of Tea and The Ballad of the Shirley T. I’m also the owner of Azalea Travel, where you can find your way to some of your favorite destinations.